Re-evaluating Street Life


Stage 3 of this project was an event that took place as part of the ‘Placemaking’ Symposium at NUIG on 29th September 2017 that opened the Architecture at the Edge Festival weekend.

Entitled, ‘Re-evaluating Street Life’, it was a coordinated set of focused presentations by experts drawn from the specialist scientific committees of ICOMOS:

Gráinne Shaffrey, President ICOMOS Ireland; Placemaking in Small Towns

Donovan Rypkema, ISCEC (Economics of Conservation); The Economics of Conservation, Current Research and Data

Fidelma Mullane, VHNSC (Vernacular Heritage)

Peter Cox, ISCES+CC and NSCES+CC (Energy, Sustainability + Climate Change); Practical Energy Efficiency in Older and Traditional Buildings

Paul McMahon, NSCET (Education and Training); Skills and Training Initiatives for Heritage Contractors

Colm Murray, Heritage Council; Turning Architectural Conservation Areas Inside-Out!

PDFs of the presentations can be downloaded here:

Grainne Shaffrey :  Shaffrey_Placemaking in Small Towns

Donovan Rypkema :  Rypkema_The economics of conservation, current research and data

Peter Cox : Cox_Practical Energy Efficiency in Older and Traditional Buildings

Paul McMahon : McMahon_Skills and training initiatives for heritage contractors

Colm Murray : Murray_Turning ACAs inside out